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Cognizant Intelligent Test Scripter#

Cognizant Intelligent Test Scripter is an open-source script-less test automation solution that provides a unified interface for all the day-to-day test automation activities such as test design, test development, test execution, reporting and maintenance.


  • Web automation with multi browser support using Selenium

  • Image based automation using Sikuli

  • Reusable components for reusing scripts

  • Test-data parameterisation and environment-based dynamic test-data support

  • Object Repository supporting Object Group in Web and Mobile

  • Exploratory Testing that records flow, takes screen shots, uploads bugs and converts recorded steps into test cases

  • Execution in cloud platforms like SauceLabs, BrowserStack, Perfecto

  • Layout Testing using Galen framework

  • Accessibility Testing using aXe

  • Reusable / iteration / browser level HTML(json) report with Searching, Sorting, Grouping, Themes, Templates, Galen Image comparison features

  • Validation, Re factoring , Search in all components(Testcase/Reusable/TestData/TestSet/OR)

  • Selenium grid support and GridNode UI for creating grid clients

  • Appium Integration for Mobile web Automation

  • Object Spy For MobileNative Apps[IOS and Android]

  • Test Management module(QC , JIRA-Zephyr , TFS)

  • Send Reports in mail after Execution

  • Execute failed testcases in a test set automatically after a run

  • Custom methods,externalize the custom actions/methods as separate project

  • CLI to support multiple switches and command line variables

  • Utility(Feature Editor) to manage BDD features, support Feature file creation, import, export feature files

  • WebPage performance metrics - Page and Resource timings report, Har Compare and Har Compare report ,CLI to get performance result/report for an execution

  • Angular support using ng-webdriver(protractor)


You can download the Latest version of Cognizant Intelligent Test Scripter from the Releases. After extracting the zip, follow the steps from


Cognizant Intelligent Test Scripter is distributed under Apache License 2.0 and the sources are available on GitHub.


This website is also posted on GitHub as open-source so that anyone can help improve the documentation.


Hardware Requirements#

  • RAM: 2GB preferably 4 GB
  • Processor: Pentium 4 or faster
  • Operating System: Windows (32/64 bit)/ MAC OS/Linux


Cognizant Intelligent Test Scripter is built on Java. Hence it will work on any desktop OS which supports Java.

Software Requirements#

  • Latest Java 1.8
  • IDE supporting Java Development (Eclipse, Netbeans, etc.)

Devices(For mobile execution)#

  • All Android based devices
  • All iOS based devices

Supported Browsers#

Selenium supported browsers are covered by default. For more information, refer the link.


If you have any queries on Cognizant Intelligent Test Scripter, please post your questions on Cognizant ITS Google Group.

To ask specific questions on project development, to discuss future improvements or for any other technical detail, please join the Cognizant ITS chat on Gitter.